What Makes Connections Health Solutions Different?

December 06, 2022 by Connections Health Solutions

Every day, Connections Health Solutions works to improve access to compassionate, high-quality care in our communities. We provide a variety of recovery-focused programs and services to individuals experiencing mental and behavioral health issues. While we’re not the only organization in this space, we are different from others in our approach and our success. Here’s what sets Connections apart.


Innovative and Experienced

We are a pioneer in behavioral health crisis care and a national leader in this field. Connections founders Dr. Chris Carson and Dr. Robert Williamson developed the first behavioral health crisis observation model in Texas in 1993. Our expertise is frequently sought out by healthcare leaders, payers, criminal justice and law enforcement leaders, and policymakers to assist with creating and operating crisis stabilization services as well as crisis system design and policy.


Effective and Lower-Cost Alternative

People experiencing a behavioral health crisis often end up in the emergency room, the cost of which can quickly add up. Alternatively, Connections offers an effective crisis observation unit that’s less expensive than a hospital admission or stay in the emergency room for behavioral health populations. Our unit is available 24/7, fully employed, and staffed with a multidisciplinary team that can quickly stabilize crises.


Stabilization Happens Quickly

To avoid unnecessary hospitalization, we can stabilize a behavioral health crisis in less than one day. Of the people admitted to our 23-hour observation unit, 65-70% can be stabilized within 24 hours. This allows people to return to their community as soon as possible so they can continue their recovery journey in a familiar and comfortable environment.


Discharge Planning Is a Core Element

Discharge planning begins soon after a person is admitted to our 23-hour observation unit. Our goal is always to stabilize a crisis within 24 hours so the person can return home. When an individual is ready to be discharged, we provide clear next steps to help them continue with their recovery. They also receive transitional outpatient psychiatric and social services to help prevent readmission.


Changing the Future of Behavioral Health

At Connections Health Solutions, we aim to transform the behavioral health ecosystem into one that is more accountable, more connected, and better able to support people in need of care. We make clinical decisions based on data and analytics and use that information to coordinate care. To meet the needs of our value-based arrangements and unique model, we have designed our own electronic health record (EHR). We also rigorously train our clinicians on our three clinical pillars: it’s best and most efficient to use the least restrictive care, there is no wrong door to seek behavioral health care, and timely care is crucial in a crisis.


We are proud to help 35,000 individuals per year receive the quality mental and behavioral health care they deserve. We welcome everyone into our safe environment and always treat people with compassion and respect. If you’re struggling with your mental health, click here to find a Connections Health Solutions center near you.

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