Identifying Warning Signs of Mental Health Crises & Depression

Margie Balfour, MD, PhD, chief of quality and clinical innovation, Connections Health Solutions, Tucson Arizona, shares the warning signs of mental health crises, including symptoms of depression, that clinicians and loved ones can lookout for this upcoming season.

Dr Balfour speaks with Meagan Thistle, assistant digital editor, Psych Congress Network, about the impact the new 3-digit number “988” will have on Americans experiencing a mental health crisis. Effective July 16, 2022, phone companies will be required to transition the current mental health emergency hotline (1-800-273-TALK) to be accessible via 988.

In an upcoming video with Dr Balfour, she shares more information about the importance of the 988 hotline, when it will be more widely available, and the impact that COVID-19 had on mental health.