Prince William County Dedicates Crisis Receiving Center

May, 16 2023 Connections Health Solutions

“Now, this facility is going to be state of the art. This facility is going to be the template,” Youngkin said.  “A facility that is not in a hospital setting, a facility that, in fact, is an inviting facility that has an opportunity for Virginians to come in and get help right now… a facility that works to decriminalize behavioral health services, a facility that provides support for Virginians suffering from substance use disorder, a facility that will be a beacon of hope for residents in Prince William County. And a facility that we want to copy across the commonwealth.” 


The CRC facility, once completed, will also house eight Community Services, or CS, programs including Access, Trauma, New Horizons Youth, Assertive Community Treatment, Peer Drop-In Services, Medication Assisted Treatment, Drug Offender Recovery Services and PATH/Homeless Services.