5 ways to support your mental health in the new year

Mental Health
Jan 09, 2023 Connections Health Solutions

Mental health includes your psychological, emotional, and social well-being and affects how you feel, think, and act. It’s an important part of your overall health and quality of life. As we enter the new year, it’s important to make your mental health a priority. Here are five ways you can support your mental health going into the new year.


1. Set Goals and Boundaries

Make a list of goals for the new year that will help you improve your overall well-being and happiness. Perhaps that’s getting more sleep at night, saying yes to new experiences more often, or learning new skills. Make sure your goals are achievable. Prioritize your goals and the tasks on your to-do list so you can focus on what needs to get done now versus what can wait until later to help prevent overwhelm. Remember to also set boundaries so you don’t take on too much at once, which can lead to stress and burnout. Setting boundaries also sets standards for how you will allow others to treat you, which can support your peace.


2. Connect with People

Spending time with friends and family can help prevent feelings of isolation, help you feel loved and supported, and promote work-life balance. Talking with loved ones can be a good opportunity to talk about how you’re feeling, gain new perspective, and take your mind off things that are causing you stress.  


3. Take Care of Your Body and Mind

Physical health and mental health are intertwined. Support both by getting enough sleep every night, incorporating exercise into your daily routine, eating healthy meals, and drinking enough water. Spend time on healthy activities that relax you and bring you joy, such as meditating, practicing yoga, going for a walk, reading, or listening to calming music.


4. Acknowledge Your Feelings and Strive for a Positive Mindset

Ignoring your feelings won’t make them go away. If you’re upset, try to find the cause and determine how you can deal with the situation. Instead of bottling up your emotions, talk to someone who may be able to help. You can also try reframing your outlook on the situation. If you’re having negative thoughts, identify them and challenge them. Focus on positivity and the things you’re grateful for. You can have a positive mindset while still acknowledging and working through difficult situations and negative thoughts.


5. Ask for Help

Asking for help from trusted loved ones or professionals can support your mental health now and throughout the year. Mental health professionals can teach you how to work through everyday challenges, set boundaries, cope with stress, and more. If you’re in crisis, find an urgent care center, like Connections Health Solutions’ centers in Phoenix and Tucson.


Support Your Mental Health

Prioritizing your mental health can help you have a happy and healthy new year. If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health or behavioral health issues, contact Connections Health Solutions for resources and to learn about our services.