A look into the Connections brand evolution

Mental Health
May, 01 2023 Connections Health Solutions

A look into the Connections brand evolution-15


We’re Crisis People.

A look into the Connections brand evolution


Today, on the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re proud to unveil the new Connections Health Solutions brand, inspired by our mission, our team, and the individuals and communities we serve. We set out to humanize Connections so that our strong ethos would reflect in our branding, while building a flexible system that grows with us as we expand to serve more people in more states. The challenge was to make sure our new look and feel was authentic to who we are and did not lose sight of the brand equity and loyalty we have built over 15 years of caring for people.


We are excited to reintroduce you to Connections Health Solutions.


Remaining true to our core


When Dr. Chris Carson and Dr. Robert Williamson first founded Connections Health Solutions 15 years ago, it was because they saw firsthand how having a dedicated place for people to go during a behavioral health emergency reduced the burden on the healthcare and justice system and finally gave individuals a safe, stigma-free zone where they knew they would get help and treatment. No exceptions. No judgment.


We knew it was crucial for our brand evolution to highlight this core belief. We were determined to have it further humanize and destigmatize mental health crises and find ways to go beyond just kind words, and use real people, in real situations to highlight what we do and how we are fulfilling our mission. Throughout the brand process we learned a lot about ourselves. We learned we are not just behavioral health people – we are crisis people. We are working hard to provide real solutions, not stop gaps. Real support, not restriction. And we are making behavioral health work better, every day.


What changed and why?


  • First, the most noticeable change is our logo. We moved to a typography-based logo that brings both the name and the idea of “connections” to the forefront. Tight spacing and links between letters bring to life the feeling of connection.


  • Second there is no more “healthcare blue.” Introducing “Connections green” as our core brand color allows us to stand out and build brand recognition. Additional colors were added to make the brand feel human, warm, approachable, memorable, and nature inspired.

  • Third, photography plays an important role in the Connections brand. Images have been selected to highlight the lens of care, humanity, and individuality through which Connections sees our patients and our community as a whole. We searched for images that felt emotive and candid, depicting a life lived in the moment. We are also using collages and layering to reflect the nuances and richness of every person’s story, demonstrating that we see humans as multifaceted and complex individuals.

  • Finally, we refined our mission statement to be more focused on the unique and inspirational manner in which we deliver care. It is the perfect statement to combine the how and the why of what we do.


What’s next?


Connections’ new look bridges the company that was founded 15 years ago out of a core belief that behavioral health care is health care and modernizes it to reach more people. As we continue to grow and expand the lifesaving care we provide to new communities across the country, we are excited to share the positive impact of Connections care through the stories of our patients and employees. This new Connections brand makes it easier to see us and interact with what we do.


We love it, and we hope you do too.