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  • Crisis Response Center

    In the realm of mental health much has been done over the past few years to advance the crisis response system. Leading the charge is the state of Arizona, who has charted a remarkable course, sculpting a system with four key components that form the backbone of an effective crisis response system. Let's delve into these pillars that collectively contribute to a comprehensive and impactful system.

    Connections Health Solutions Jul 17, 2024
  • Image

    In the United States, a community's response to a behavioral health crisis is often fragmented, inefficient, and inaccessible to those who need it most. In most communities, few treatment options are designed for and capable of safely managing the care of individuals in crisis. Additionally, the capacity of behavioral health services, both inpatient and outpatient, has struggled to keep up with rising patient volumes and requests for services. This challenge has been made worse by workforce shortages across the industry.   

    Connections Health Solutions Jun 20, 2024
  • The Profound Impact of Peer Support Specialists in Crisis Care

    Delivering immediate, high quality behavioral health crisis care to people in need is a team effort. At Connections Health Solutions, our team is comprised of individuals who each possess a different background and level of expertise, from the mental health professionals who work in our centers to the members of law enforcement we collaborate with in the communities we serve throughout Arizona, Montana, and soon Virginia and Washington state. Peer support specialists bring a unique type of experience to crisis care, making them an invaluable member of the Connections care team, as well as a person’s journey.

    Connections Health Solutions May 29, 2024
  • 23-hour observation program

    23-hour observation programs may seem straightforward on the surface, but it's the specific components and protocols that separate the most effective programs from the rest.

    Dr. Chris A Carson, MD, MBA May 8, 2024

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